Own the future of yearbooks.


Continuous revenue

A steady flow of new consumers means a constant revenue stream


Tailored for individual tastes and personal preferences


View on PCs, TVs, smartphones, projectors & more

Low cost

Eliminate high costs, no more paper, ink, print, or inventory costs


Additional book sales focus on each customer

Tool independence

Use any design tool for a stronger learning experience


Re-sellable ad space fits changing consumer life stage


Social media integration fosters ongoing connections

Design freedom

Style, color, template, layout & extras make creativity more fun

Bring memories to life. And make them last forever.

The future of yearbooks is here, and this is what revolution looks like.

The technology

Excited about the possibilities? Watch our immersive, patented technology in action in this brief demo.

The opportunity

Some additional potential markets

The patents

Seven issued patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark organization are for sale!

Key patent highlights

Take action

These patents have the power to disrupt an industry and are for sale today!

This may be a once-in-a-career opportunity to lead massive change and leave a legacy. Contact us today using this form or call 605-422-1322!

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